La Casa Grande | Agios Ioannis

La Casa Grande | Agios Ioannis

La Casa Grande, which was originally built in 1885, is a 145 square meters two-storey stone house that was recently remodelled and renovated. It has two large bedrooms with one double & one single bed with mountain views, two bathrooms with showers and hot water all day, fully equipped kitchen, spacious living room with fireplace, two terraces, and a huge yard to hang out under the trees.

Agios Ioannis is naturally nested in the Servouni Mountain about 47 km west of Chalkida & 142 km away from the International Airport of Athens. It has been declared as a Traditional Settlement and has a Laographic (Folklore) Museum which houses and preserves traditional tools and household objects, all part of the cultural heritage of the area.

It is a rural area with roughly 1.500 permanent residents and the majority of them are farmers. The little village has a great history since the early Byzantine times when the first settlements started to appear and its strategic location deep inside the valley of nearby mountains offered a safe setting for the citizens during the Second World War.

There are still houses which has been made of locally quarried stone, bringing them into harmony with the landscape. One of them, is your Retreat which has been recently renovated and remodelled in order to accommodate your expectations as well as meet the modern standards of a vacation rental.

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Photo credits for the front-page photo to Antonios Lamprou.