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Hello people.

Writers’ Retreats in Greece is a visionary concept we first captured in 2017 while working in Llullu Llama, a mountain lodge in Ecuador and well before returning to Greece in February 2019 after our long trip around the world.

We planned and organised everything before starting receiving our first guests. So, on our way back, we were already ready to start hosting. We did -and still do- everything on ourselves. Web design, graphics, marketing, hosting, cleaning, cooking, transporting, touring, greeting, smiling! 

Indeed, Writer’s Retreats in Greece is an one-man-and-a-woman show. It is a family business and we truly want to keep it like this. We prefer to have it as a hobby -or side business- rather than a way to get rich. We prefer to have fewer guests but spend time with them, show them around, and guide them in our island rather than changing bed sheets every second night. We enjoy more to have people staying for longer time and give them a better discount (win-win) instead of selling the house every other day to different people. 

We are planning everything in detail, we love organisation, we are passionate with hosting people from different cultures and we strive to make them happy. 

Having said that, we are seeking for like-minded property owners who have the skill-set, the space, the passion and the enthusiasm to list your space at the Writers’ Retreats in Greece and partner with us in an attempt to create a international reference point for foreign writers who are looking for a place to work and create content in Greece.

Please read below the final deal. If you feel that we have you covered, fill up the form below and wait to hear from us.



  • The most important feature that makes us different and what people enjoy so far is our personalised service & touch. It means that you, the property owner, need to take full care of your guest writer. Drive him from the airport to home and back, clean the house, treat him with a welcome dinner, offer him to show around etc. 
  • It is strongly recommended to know how to cook but if you are not into it, please make sure that the food that you offer -if the guest writer opts for the full board package- is made with love with the best ingredients possible. 
  • Fast internet, spotless space, laundry service, driving licence and a vehicle are the minimum gear to guarantee an pleasant experience. Dont forget the personality 😉
  • You must have a solid Reservations and Cancellation Policy that takes care potential cancellations, modifications, complaints, refunds and other issues. 
  • Be aware that writers guests look for places where they can stay for a long time (more than a week). So, be prepared for mid-term reservations and commitment.


What we offer

  • List for free your space in the Writers’ Retreat in Greece website
  • Free regular blogging & personal stories in the website, Instagram and Facebook accounts about your property and you (as hosts)
  • Free price lists published in our website and your website (if you have). Please have a look here:
  • Regularly feature your property in the front page 
  • Create a website along with booking engine and payment process tool (with a fee)


How it works

  • Every reservation for your property is going through our website and is forwarded to you automatically. You can either reject it or accept. Our work ends after sending you the reservation request. You talk with the guest writer, you agree on the little details and potential requests, you seal the deal. 
  • For every reservation, we charge 5% commission. That’s all! No hidden fees, no extra charges. We can agree about the clearance and how and when it is going to take place (every month, 3 months or the end of the year).
  • After finalising the deal, it is very important to submit your Reservations and Cancellation Policy. In case of complaints, refunds or any other issues related to hosting, you are responsible to deal with the guest writer and resolve it in a professional way.
  • We would love to meet you in person, review your property and have a an ongoing personal contact and relation.
  • Our goal and commitment is to help you increase your occupancy rates with the minimum cost and the best possible way.