What is Micro-Hospitality

We love hospitality like no other. We do love luxury as well. Who doesn’t?

However, we see luxurious vacations from a whole different perspective.

For us, luxury is not a swimming pool, neither a limousine but a solid experience based on human interaction.

A glass of home-made wine that you can share with your other half during sunset in an untouched location where you literally feel like home is rather pure luxury.

For us, this is the definition of micro-hospitality as well. 

So, we are crafting our personalised services in such a way that you will go back home full of unique, unparalleled memories. 

We have one single rule: to operate without the typical rules. No white bed-sheets, no white towels, no little factory-made soaps, no extra charges for late check-ins or last-minute changes, no impersonal services, no pre-cooked meals, and so on. 

On top of that, we organise & prepare everything with smile, meraki & filotimo

Meraki is the word that we Greeks use to describe what happens when you leave a piece of yourself -your soul, creativity & love- in whatever you do.

On the other hand, filotimo is considered to be the highest of all Greek virtues, the standards for family and social living. In its simplest form, the term means “doing good”. For a Greek, it is essentially a way of life since it includes values such as honor, justice, courage, dignity, pride, self sacrifice, respect, freedom, gratitude and hospitality!

It is the words we use as our most important “ingredients” in the creation of  memorable & luxurious vacations. Your vacations!

We strongly encourage long stays. For this reason, we offer to you amazing discounts in order to fully enjoy our traditional family fiestas, our good wine & of course our home-made Greek cuisine. 

Please check our Services, Spaces & Packages, choose your own space & explore the authentic Greece.